Giada Kate

It’s been a long time, much too long since I last blogged. I have a good reason though, if not the best excuse in the world. This past March, my husband and I welcomed our daughter, Giada Kate! The last seven months have been absolutely incredible. Giada is the happiest, most bubbly baby you will ever meet and always manages to keep Phil and I smiling even when she’s had us up all night! My¬†pregnancy¬†was not the easiest by any means, so I had to make the difficult decision of canceling my portrait sessions starting at 5 weeks because I was too sick. Many of you know that I also work for a pediatrician, so doing photo sessions as well as working at the office was more than I could handle. After a long maternity leave, I’m back in business and enjoying my new schedule.

Just after Giada was born, my good friend, Eileen came over to take some photos of Giada and I together. I will cherish these photos forever, and am so lucky to have a photographer-friend at my disposal to capture those images I cant get myself. Thanks again, Eileen, your photos mean the world to me <3.

Without further ado, I introduce Giada Kate :::::: 03/05/2011 7lb. 3oz. Giada is Italian for “Jade”.

This image was taken the day she was born at the hospital

1 month:

2 months:

6 months

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